Mattress In A Box

Mattress In A Box

How Much Sleep?
The average 75-year-old has spent one-third of life asleep. That’s 25 years; a lot of time to spend lying on a mattress! Given that we spend so much of our time in bed, it’s worth putting a little thought into the mattress we choose so that we can make the most of our rest. In years past, consumers had to trek to the mattress store and either had to haul the bed themselves or schedule delivery for a later date. Now, with products like a mattress in a box, mattress shopping is much more convenient.How Long Does a Mattress Last?
A high-quality mattress will last for approximately 10 years according to the National Sleep Foundation, but experts recommend replacement every 7 to 8 years for the best sleep quality. Unfortunately, many people are not getting be best possible sleep and are putting off inconvenient mattress purchases. Others have found that purchasing a mattress in a box is a convenient way to regularly replace mattresses. With the Cozybed, moving or shipping the bedding is far easier. By regularly replacing mattresses, these consumers are avoiding back pain and getting significantly better sleep.

Signs it’s Time to Replace
Many people don’t keep track of when they last bought a mattress, so there are some telltale signs that mean it’s time to replace. A mattress that is worn, saggy or lumpy or is resulting in soreness upon awakening is ready for replacement. Since mattresses also collect allergens, an uptick in allergies or asthma can also be a sign. If you find yourself sleeping on the couch more often than not, it’s also time to replace. These signs mean the mattress is nearing the end of its usefulness. With a mattress in a box, a new mattress can easily be picked up or delivered right to the door, relieving this problem quickly and conveniently.

Why a Mattress in a Box?
Buying a mattress used to be inconvenient and expensive. That is no longer the case. A mattress in a box can be vacuum-sealed and compressed to a fraction of its original size for convenient shipping or pick up. Upon unpacking, the mattress expands to reach its normal size in a short time. These mattresses also often cost less than those found in traditional mattress stores. As consumers search for more convenience and better value, many are turning to a mattress in a box to replace old bedding.

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